Why Science labs are important for learning

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

School curriculum has undergone paradigm changes in last 15 years and one of the major changes are in the area of technique, approach and methods of teaching. The use of science laboratory in secondary education is relatively modern time practice and many schools in rural areas lack such facility.

The educators and researchers had chosen Science over any other subjects for practical experience in laboratory because science is totally different from any other subject and it touches almost every dimension of life one can experience whether it is use of toothbrush for cleaning of teeth or mobile phone for communication or catching a public transport to cover distance or just writing with pen it is all understanding and application of science and to understand and experience this dimension one must think beyond boundary walls of classroom where information mugging is the order of the day.

Of late researchers have realized that science as a subject requires special attention and new platform for live experience. And Schools worldwide follow the trend with this new unconventional way of teaching and now everyone can vouch for the effectiveness of laboratory in science Education .

Understanding of Science is based on logic and rationale and Most of the young minds require high level of effort to understand the subject without live experience.

Scientific experiments and analytical comments are now part and parcel of present day science subject and it creates interest amongst students to carry on with scientific exploration.

If we be go back to history of few years back we find that most of the new age scientists and explorer have learnt their first lesson at science laboratory.

A more details about importance of laboratory are well explained in attached video.

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